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As a Wisconsinite I consider sweaters a Fall and Winter necessity, but they are also one of my favorite clothing items all year round for fashion and practicality. My high-school and college years were all about the argyle and cashmere sweater craze (can you guess the decade?), and currently I am inspired by the modern fuzzy knits and funky chic styles.

What do I love about sweaters? The variety of knits, fibers, weights, colors, patterns, silhouettes, etc., etc. From the classic cable and fisherman knits to fluffy and sherpa yarn knits, there’s a sweater style for everyone. These are a few of my favorites:

The Cardigan Sweater

The cardigan is a basic and will fit into anyone’s wardrobe. It’s the perfect layer to knock off the chill and a great style to add a pop of color to an outfit any time of year. Wear it solo as a top, or with a tank top, tee, shirt, blouse, turtleneck, or dress. For a modern look to this basic sweater try a cropped, long jacket or fuzzy yarn style cardigan.

The Poncho Sweater

Nothing new about the poncho, but it has a lot of new looks. Usually reserved for outdoors, light weight cotton ponchos are perfect for indoors. Really easy to pop on and go, and great for travel (comfy layer for the airplane, train, or car). So many choices: cowl neck, crew neck, v neck, ruffles, fur trim, buttons, fringes, short, long, with or without sleeves, hooded, asymmetrical, cotton, wool, cashmere, synthetics, and the list goes on. Styles as versatile as we are.

The Hoodie Sweater

I feel modern and on trend in my hoodie sweaters. Both practical and fashionable, the hood gives an athletic flair. Offering a little extra coverage and warmth around the neck without a scarf or turtleneck, not to mention a shield from the elements when outdoors. Pull over, zipper, buttons, with or without pockets, give it a try.

The Turtleneck or Cowl Neck Sweater

My favorites for cold winter days. These styles make me feel both cozy and secure like I’m receiving a hug all day long. The turtleneck with its origins from menswear can be layered under a blazer, cardigan, crew neck or v neck sweater. Try it in solid black as a blank canvas for your favorite statement necklace and fashion scarfs. The cowl neck is a great “one and done” sweater for a casual cold weather day. In finer knits the cowl neck can be dressy and sexy, by being looser and draping to show off your neckline.

Do you have a favorite sweater style?

We have a great sweater selection. Let us help you find or celebrate your favorite sweater style at BRYSON REID.

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