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My Two Cents on Layering

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Long sleeve v-neck tee layered with puffer vest jacket by Dolcezza.


Layer for winter days and outdoor winter activities with a soft cotton tee or turtleneck under your sweater, cardigan, or blazer. A vest jacket will keep your core warm and arms free for outdoor activities, or when it is very cold a needed layer under your coat. A vest jacket is also perfect indoors to keep you cozy at a venue where it is a little chilly (i.e., movies, restaurant, etc.).


Layering makes it easy to switch from a day to night look effortlessly. For example, drop the blazer or cardigan to expose your silky sexy blouse, or a cold shoulder.


Sometimes I add a tank or camisole layer to bring up a neckline, or a long sleeve tee under a wool sweater that is just a little itchy.


I like to experiment with layering to add interest to my outfits, such as depth and texture, and to display my personal style. For example: Mixing lengths, layering one color for a monochromatic look, belting a layer and adding pants under a dress for warmth in winter or a modern look.


Simply put, wearing what is in my closet.


Tees, tanks, turtlenecks, jacket, blazers, cardigans, vests, vest jackets, scarfs, belts, and leggings.


Can I wear leggings in winter? The short answer is “yes.” If we are talking about a Northern or Midwest winter, fleece or heavy knit leggings are best for outdoors.

Wear your leggings…

  • To the Gym any time of year

  • To lounge or work from home

  • Under a sweatshirt or oversized knit

  • Paired with a turtleneck and long cardigan sweater or duster; belted for added style

  • With your tall or over the knee fashion boots, or snow boots

  • Layered under a skirt or dress instead of tights

Winter does not mean we have to put away colorful and printed leggings. They can be the perfect pick me up for a gray winter day.

Shop BRYSON REID for layering options, fleece and fall/winter weight denim and printed leggings.

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