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BRYSON REID is a women’s clothing boutique that focuses on providing comfortable classic and contemporary style clothing and accessories for women who desire quality boutique brands that offer uniqueness and versatility for travel and leisure, career and social events.

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in the words of our founder...


It all started with the rediscovery of my favorite childhood toy, the Tomy® Fashion Plates. 

By the age of eight I was certain I wanted to be a fashion designer.  I was fascinated with fashion and exercised my creative muscle by sketching everything from women’s bell bottom jumpsuits (can you guess the year or decade?) to evening gowns at my brightly painted yellow desk.  The style maven in our family was my dad, a fashion icon in his own right.  I wore his sweaters and my mom's pearls.  Throughout my teen-years, I spent hours working on adding flair to the basics, creating my own unique style.  It must have paid off because I was voted “Best Dressed” by my high-school graduating class.  

My aspiration to go to college and become a famous fashion designer was interrupted by a loving and concerned father who unintentionally stifled my fashion dreams and strongly suggested I find a “practical” career that would offer security.  I graduated college with a B.S. in Accounting. 

After a 25-year accounting career I decided to pursue what still really motivated me - fashion! 

Always a student, I obtained a post-baccalaureate in fashion merchandise management from Mt. Mary University in Wisconsin.  While working in retail and attending classes, I answered the entrepreneurial call and started BRYSON REID, a women’s apparel boutique.  

BRYSON REID’S mission is to curate classic and contemporary styles for the woman who desires a timeless yet modern look.  BRYSON REID strives to partner with customers to assist them in finding and celebrating their personal style, whether it be iconic or fluid.  We offer a friendly and personal experience in a comfortable place designed with you in mind.

LaShuan Bryson

Founder & Chief Merchandising Officer

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