1st Year in the life of Bryson Reid: What I REALLY learned

Wow, it has been a year!

I mean that in a good way. September 14, 2017 was the day that BRYSON REID opened in Bayside, WI.

As I look back at these pictures of blank canvas that would become BRYSON REID, they are a visual representation of our journey over this past year. Also, they cause me to wax nostalgically over simpler times, when we were so young (well, at least to retail). 😊

Too inspired or too hopeful or too naive...maybe, a little bit of all. But, I guess that's what happens when a business starts with a dream. Since her days as a girl making otufits with Tomy Fashion Plates®, founder, LaShuan dreamed of being a fashion designer. You can find more of the story on our About Us page.

There was so much that we didn’t know . . . so much that we are still learning. Actually, we planned to open the store on September 1st. What are the famous words of the not-as-well-known poem “To A Mouse,” by Robert Burns, “the best laid plans of mice and men…” There were fixture and construction delays. There was so much paperwork: registrations, licenses, permits, insurance and inspections. There was new technology to set up and learn. Oh, did I mention that this is our first store? The markets were overwhelming. How would we even research all the available brands and decide what to carry. We knew we wanted to curate great quality with a nice aesthetic at an approachable price. And, we still haven’t found the resource that we are looking for “Women’s Boutique in 4 Easy Steps.”

We are often reminded of the difficulty for brick-and-mortar stores in this eCommerce world. But, what we REALLY learned, no one ever told us…

You will meet some great people, that you never would have met otherwise. People will shop your store, because, they want local small businesses to succeed. Doing your best so that people have a pleasant experience will make you feel better. You have no idea how much the smiles and kind words of customers will mean to you. Or, sometimes your store will be just the bit of solitude needed, as they quietly browse. Customers will stop by to chat, check on you or give you a hug. A lot of customers will become your friends. We are thankful for these experiences.

So, to our customers…friends: THANK YOU for truly making this One-year Anniversary possible.


Husband of The Owner/Chief Merchandising Officer




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